Club history

The Club Danés ASSOCIATION (ASOCIACION HISPANO DANESA) was founded in April 1981.

It all started in an apartment in Los Boliches, where there was also an office and a library. They then rented the apartment below, which was later bought. At that time, Mardi Gras and Christmas tree parties were also held, for which there was a rather great need, as the young people were not as integrated as they are now.  

In the autumn of 1981, the “peace treaty” between Spain and Denmark was celebrated. For this big event, Viking costumes and swords were made at Koldinghus, and they went to Huesca, where dinner was eaten at the Town Hall. Also in Málaga, dinner was had with the mayor in connection with H.C. Andersen’s 100th birthday on the very day of his death. The association organized flights to Denmark in connection with Easter and Christmas, which was greatly needed, until it became such that the charter flights could sell flights without a hotel. After that it was no longer worth it. For many years, an annual cabaret has been held since 81/82. The members rented various cultural centers and theaters.

In the eighties, Queen Margrethe visited Granada to see the Alhambra, then we also had a delegation go there – approx. 4 buses. Some full buses also made the trip to Seville in 1992, where Queen Margrethe was visiting the World Exhibition. The association handed her two paintings that Tom Thomsen and Anette Skou’s husband (from Mijas Town Hall) had painted. Business people had sponsored one and members of DSS the other painting.

Sweden, Norway and Finland receive subsidies for schools in Costa del Sol. We would have liked to have that from Denmark as well, but it was not possible. It costs Denmark DKK 1,400 per Dane who are in the public health insurance system here in Spain with the right to free medicine; this applies to all permanent residents over the age of 65. The association Elderly Case has also visited us, just as several politicians have been here, e.g. Ove Guldberg, who has tried to make it possible for us Danes abroad to vote not only for EU elections, but also for general elections – the latter has unfortunately still not succeeded.

During the nineties, the club had two visits from a junior high school from Jutland. Two buses with 100 children and leaders who performed along the coast with music and acrobatics. They slept on the terrace of Casa Danesa and the food was provided by a group of volunteer members. There was also a visit from a Zealand dance troupe consisting of young people and their leader. Language lessons were also offered at this early time. It was conducted by a pastor emeritus and a retired typist and was completely free. There were also Danish lessons for the children who were here. There has always been gymnastics, and excursions have been made to e.g. Portugal and many other places.  

Originally, Dansk Spansk Samvirke was an association for the entire coast – from Almuñecar to Estepona, but after several years it was decided to split the association into four, Almuñcar, Torre del Mar, Torremolinos and Fuengirola/Mijas. The last, which has now become Club Danés, is by far the largest of these four. The four clubs are completely separate and function in their own way. 

Gradually the premises became too small, after which we rented here, where we are now, in August 1991 in Casa Danesa, where all the activities continued for approx. 700 members. Along with the club rooms, there is a Danish restaurant, which is an important part of the club’s social life. Trips to Cadiz and Granada are arranged. Opera tours and painting exhibitions are organized. Our library has approx. 2000 books and many video films. The association gradually has an entire language school with approx. ten teams of students and four teachers, because the interest in learning Spanish has grown tremendously over the years. In addition, a lot of other things happen, and the house is always buzzing with life. Bridge, pétanque, gymnastics (men’s and women’s), EDB, sewing, yoga, whist, painting, hiking, bingo, library, shooting club, literature club: they all pay an amount – in addition to the dues – to the association to participate.

A lot of activities take place in the form of parties with dancing and entertainment, flea markets and auctions. Every year on the 1st Sunday in Advent, a Christmas tree party is held for the children and their parents, be they Spanish or Danish. However, this party had to take place outside the city for a number of years, as the clubhouse cannot accommodate the many participants. There is also a Mardi Gras party with barrel beating, Constitution Day and St. His. There are many Danish artists who come here, and they combine a holiday with a performance with us. 

The club is financed by the annual membership fee plus user fees to participate in activities and events. In addition, the local business community are often benevolent sponsors of our club. The association Club Danés / Dansk Spansk Samvirke could celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2021, which was unfortunately affected by several shutdowns due to corona.

Today we are called THE DANISH HOUSE – the place where we meet….. and we continue to work to create a strong social network – a lot of regular activities, both in our lovely house in Mijas, but also outside the house, which for example Padle & Golf. We still need new initiatives around our activities and we hold a lot of exciting events, where you as a member of course get discounts for these.

If you have new ideas and want to help continue the development of THE DANISH HOUSE & our associations under Club Danés – write to with your idea – we are always looking for people with new opportunities to make THE DANISH HOUSE to everyone’s house on Costa del Sol.