Shooting club

Shooting with a rifle will definitely be something that not many have tried before! Shooting is a sport that challenges concentration, precision and calmness. At the same time, shooting is also a sport with lots of action that puts your ability to perform under time pressure to the test. And shooting is not least a sport for the whole family, which you can practice together regardless of age.

Shooting is fun because everyone can participate, regardless of age, and because it does not require special equipment or special knowledge. And then shooting is surprising because it brings out unknown abilities in people.

It costs 25 euros per year to be a member of the Shooting club,

Please call our office on tel. +34 635 292 602 or e-mail if you want to hear about the possibilities of our Shooting club on one of the teams.

Please observe that you must be a member of The Danish House in order to participate in our activities.