The Bridge Club

The purpose of the bridge club is:

♠ to gather the members for bridge tournament
♠ to provide a cozy and enjoyable atmosphere on game days
♠ to bring the members together in social ways at special tournaments
♠ to contribute to the provision of education for members in reporting and game theory to the extent that the members express an interest in this
♠ to promote interest in the game of bridge.

Weekly tournaments
We play bridge every Monday and Wednesday at 15.00 with meeting time 14.45. The first day of play after the holidays is therefore Monday 5 September 2022. Guests are welcome.

Registration and de-registration must be done no later than the day before, if there are changes to the regular registrations or if you would like to play, so that we can get the Bridgemate in and start on time.

Please contact Carl Tobiasen on tel. +34 659 681 344 or mail:

Fee for members is €4.00 and for guests €5.00.

Please observe that you must be a member of The Danish House in order to participate in our activities.